Claire started her career in broadcasting at MTV followed by Nickelodeon, where she began directing kids and won two BAFTA’s for her first short film, Nickelodeon’s Big Green Thing followed by her TV series, Nick Jr’s Bedtime Stories along with two more BAFTA nominations.

Since then she has moved on to Red Bee and the BBC, directed grown ups and picked up 16 Promax’s and a Gold Kinsale Shark.

Her stylistic, experimental sense of directing is quirky and engaging, seamlessly blended with beauty, charm and character. 

Showing Off:

Homespun Yarns 2019 Short Film Finalist

BAFTA Best Short Form 2007  - Big Green Thing - Nickelodeon
BAFTA Best Short Form 2010  - Bedtime Stories - Nick Jr
BAFTA Nominations  - Our Friend Earth 2007 + Bedtime Stories 2009
KINSALE SHARK GOLD 2009- Best Drama Promo - Doctor Who 50th 
PROMAX GOLD 2016 Best Online Service - BBC Bitesize 
PROMAX GOLD 2015 Best Ident Campaign - BBC 2 Idents 
PROMAX BRONZE 2015 Best Online Service Spot - Go CBBC 
PROMAX EUROPE GOLD 2014 Best Dramatic Prog Spot - Dr Who 50th  
PROMAX SILVER 2014 Best Prog Spot  - Dr Who 50th 
PROMAX EUROPE SILVER 2013 Best Use of Music  - Africa  
PROMAX UK GOLD 2013 Best Factual Promo - Africa  
PROMAX EUROPE SILVER 2012 Best Factual Promo – When I'm 65 
PROMAX UK GOLD 2012 Best Factual Promo – When I'm 65  
PROMAX UK SILVER 2012 Best News and Current Affairs – When I'm 65  
PROMAX UK SILVER 2012 Best Use of Music – OBD  
PROMAX UK BRONZE 2012 Best Children's Clip Based – CBBC Factual  
PROMAX WORLD SILVER  2009 Best Interstitial – Nick Jr Bedtime Stories 
PROMAX UK SILVER  2007 Best Long Form - Nickelodeon Big Green Thing  
PROMAX WORLD GOLD 2008 Best PSA - Nickelodeon Big Green Thing
PROMAX WORLD BRONZE  2009 Best Children’s Promo – Nick Toons Spongebob Epic 
BAA Nomination 2009 Best Animated Children’s Series – Nick Jr Bedtime Stories 

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